Vidy Coin Publishers Work On Blockchain-Centered Electronic Marketing

    Cain Kyed

    Started by Singaporean technology expert Matthew Harvard and Lim graduate Patrick Colangelo, VIDY is really a blockchain-centered electronic advertisement tool that utilizes VIDYCOIN's exclusive cryptocurrency.

    With the development of VIDY technological innovation in Mass media Publishares, the collaboration between the two companies is naturally evolving by using a electronic digital first method and revolutionary considering. The NTF system is released from the next quarter of 202.


    This foundation displays music, art, digital and fashion layout in the internet 360-level landscape. The main highlights of this program include trading, printing and NFT online auctions through a tokenized system.

    Having a focus on graphic imagination, NFT tries to advertise numerous products within a sustainable approach. Later, this platform will contribute a percentage of the sales of NFT organizations that work on the problems of the virtual world in order to ensure a positive relationship between the virtual and real world.

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